Diggers and Weeders Garden Club of Montreal

Founded in 1932

Wasn’t that a summer that just kept giving. Lots of water at the beginning and then super-hot way past the end. The Amaranthus cruentus in my little rental garden grew to nine feet tall. Average height is six or seven feet.

On Monday afternoon, October 24th,1932, Mrs. R.M. Ballantyne invited a group of ladies to her home at 30 Forden Avenue to consider the possibility of forming a Garden Club. Mrs. R.J. Mercur gave a short informal talk outlining what Garden Clubs were for and what they could do.

Our garden photo album.

Current Club Executive


Honorary President – Sarah Stevenson
Past President – Sharon Whitcomb
President – Mary McBride
Vice-President – Open
Treasurer – Marilyn Tooley
Asst. Treasurer – Julie Dawson

Project Chair – Liz Morgan and
Sharon de Gaspe Power
Asst. Project Chair – Wanda Bray Smith
Program Chair – Réjeanne Gougeon
Asst. Program Chair – Open
Corresponding Secretary – Lori Baird
Asst. Corresponding Secretary – Eileen Ross

Recording Secretary – Florence Erdmann
Asst. Recording Secretary – Pat Hamilton
Telephone Chair – Jo Meekers Davis
Asst. Telephone Chair – Margaret Gundara
Member at Large – Nancy Gallop
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